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Photograph of me and my mother 5à years ago

This is when all started

50 years ago !

LADEN 5 — a family story.


The name "LADEN5 — art is a virus" finds his signification in a simple way. "Laden" means "shop" in german (our homeland) and 5 (roman version "V") stands for Virus, our family name. We choose this label when my mum and I decided to connect our different creatif skills in oder to create a platform to distribute our work together.


My mum - Jutta Virus - started her professional journey as a graphic designer, working in her early twenties in Paris for the Galeries Lafayettes and other companies. Back in Bremen in 1963, she was co-founder of the fashion shop « Lolos Saloon » and worked as a freelance graphic designer for the up-coming Jazz-scene. Later she went back to university to become an art-teacher. During all this time, she never gave up "thinking art" and as soon as her timetable offered enough spare time, she invaded her atelier in Bremen again, where she lives and works nowerdays. Mixing painting, (photo-)graphics and wood, she has definitely her own univers and still discovers new ways of expression. Her artwork stays for his own (sculpture, painting), but she also uses some of her visuals to get printed on new supports (tiles, scarfs, blankets) to give them another dimension.


I - Nina Virus - was born as a single child in a family of artists (mum as seen above — dad as an architect). I knew very young that i wanted to work in a creative way. I started early sewing my own clothes, spent 5 years in Rome to study interior architecture, followed by a postgraduate in printing and publishing at the communication school of London. Than I travelled to Paris, where I work and live since. I had several work experiences in interior, graphic & communication design within agencys or as a freelancer and I became an art-director in one of the earliest web agencies in Paris. At the birth of my daughter, I went fully back to free-lancing as an art director and graphic designer. But I also discovered the world of photography (street and travel).

Today I still run my design studio, but I also feel the need of doing things with my hands as well as to develop my photo-skills. So I share my spare time within knitting, sewing, and creating home decoration items (printed with some of my photoworks), as well as promoting my photo collection within expositions and book editions.

All our items are handmade by ourselfs, or produced in very small editions in order to keep our products precious and special. We love what we do, and we calculate our prices in a very correct way. If you have any further question, just keep in touch with us :

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